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IMG_0684 Dragonsfly King arthur 22.12.15Gem (Gerard) Cormac Quinn, born in Barnet, North London, to a musical and artistic family, he was subjected to a broad range of musical styles, Classical, Opera, Folk, Ragtime, Show, Pop Rock, and Pink Floyd.

Having had the use of a piano, a guitar, and of course, the recorder, inevitably one of these would stick, but after passing some Piano grades, and having learned Trombone, neither of which were in his true direction, he settled on guitar, and became a screaming noise maker using various effects, and as nice an amp stack as he could get away with.. his neighbours were surprisingly forgiving. Especially when at one point during a great swapping of effects, he ended up with a Moog, and procedeeded to show the street the useful tonal qualities of Oscillators and filters… However, synthesisers aren’t really the style Gem is heading, but they make a good accompaniment to cats.


Drumming came a while later, as a matter of course, and was instinctual almost. Having settled into a Weird band in London, he took over drum duties, from the guitarist, who would much rather have been a ‘proper musician’.

Bands attended include Emma Harper’s Peace by Piece, Jim Peter and Tim Hall’s Indivisibles,  and Sym Webb’s tSunarmy, which also included Daygan on Bass.

Stevie P and Sam Sastry’s Green Angels, came later, and at one point was overlapping both tSunarmy, and Peace by Piece, a trick that has stayed as a running theme through Gem’s musical career, in general. Dora Darling’s Forcenra was a long standing band that have had a lot of fun playing over the years, it has now taken a break from functioning, but connections are still there.

Current band count includes Kangaroo Moon, and Animal Krackers, as well as occasional Stevie P’s Intravaganza, and Calico Jack gigs.

Gem has also been immersed in studio work with his Hive Studio, in Glastonbury. Currently recording Dragonsfly, and Calico Jack amongst others, he is never far from a set of speakers, be it live events, or studio mixing.

His  philosophy , has been to have a good time with the talents you find pull you along, and try your best to follow your instinct.