Dragonsfly Music

About Dragonsfly

Formed in 1997 by Maya and Daygan, Dragonsfly is a force of nature.

Listen here to samples from the Album “Familiar Shores” and download or order the CD online.

Going strong after 17 years of honing their group skill, Dragonsfly is delivering celebratory, connecting, heart-warming, nourishing, uplifting, hypnotic, life-affirming music. This music will change your life. A gig with Dragonsfly is a fully immersive experience harnessing energies of European Celtic acoustic folk-trance and Eastern grooves and moods, brought to life by soaring melodies, lush harmonies and intelligent instrumentals. The infectious, compelling charisma of the band can urge you into wild and vibey and yet nourishing and expansive dimensions, getting right under your skin.

This legacy is brought to you by:

and sometimes…

  • Wal (Fiddle)
  • Gem Quinn (Drum Kit, Bass, Vocals)

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